Dr. Rigoberto Tapia in Forest Park

Medical Acupuncture for Back Pain

Prescription to keep yourself healthy and live longer:
A monthly boost of energy with Acupuncture, eight hours of refreshing sleep, daily healthy diet with 1 Hour of exercise; and do not forget to keep in balance the amount of work, leasure activities and minimum stress.

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1. If you are planing to use your health insurance please call your insurance company to fill out the insurance intake form and bring it with you on your first appointment. In your first visit bring a copy of your insurance card and a valid picture ID.

2. Fill out the The credit card outh if you are planing to pay with credit card and bring it with you on your first visit..

3. Forms on the right are only for office use.

4. The PDF files found below are for Insurance purposes and requires to sign and filled out all the forms except page # 3 which will be filled out during your first office visit.