Dr. Rigoberto Tapia in Forest Park

Medical Acupuncture for Back Pain

Prescription to keep yourself healthy and live longer:
A monthly boost of energy with Acupuncture, eight hours of refreshing sleep, daily healthy diet with 1 Hour of exercise; and do not forget to keep in balance the amount of work, leasure activities and minimum stress.

For Stretching Exercises Examples click the following Link:




For Strenghtening Exercises Examples click the following Link, & try first begginer exercises, then intermediate exercises and finally advance exercises:




Foam Roller Exercises:

1. Filled out all 4 pages from the PDF file found below in case you need pain management treatment and click on the Acupuncture button find the Medical Hx-Concent-HIPPA form and fill out all forms except pages second pages that is already part of thes document and page # 3 that will be completed on your firs office visit.

2. If you are planing the use your Health Insurance read carefully the financial policy in the Initial Intake Form and download the Initial Insurance Intake form on the right column as well and call your insurance company to complete the information required for billing purpose before you come to your first office visit.

3. If you are considering to pay with a credit card fill out the Credit Card Auth found on the right column sign it and present it on your first visit.

4. The second PDF file on the bottom  is intended for spanish speaking patients.