Dr. Rigoberto Tapia in Forest Park

Medical Acupuncture for Back Pain

Prescription to keep yourself healthy and live longer:
A monthly boost of energy with Acupuncture, eight hours of refreshing sleep, daily healthy diet with 1 Hour of exercise; and do not forget to keep in balance the amount of work, leasure activities and minimum stress.

Learn how to clean the nose of  children with normal saline solution & learn how to apply the intranasal spray.

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Otitis Media Pictures
Nasopharinx and its relationship with other organs
How enviroment affects Asthma patients

Moisturizing skin with Vaseline.

Take care of a severely dry skin by rubbing vaseline with a vigorous gentle massage.

Bulb Syringe Succion in Infants:

Cleaning the obstructed nostrils of babies by suction of the nasal passages with a bulb syringe.

Cerumen Removal:

How to Clean Your Baby's Nose With a Bulb Syringe


Moisturizing severe dry, thick, Eczematous skin with Petroleum Jelly.