Dr. Rigoberto Tapia in Forest Park

Medical Acupuncture for Back Pain

Prescription to keep yourself healthy and live longer:
A monthly boost of energy with Acupuncture, eight hours of refreshing sleep, daily healthy diet with 1 Hour of exercise; and do not forget to keep in balance the amount of work, leasure activities and minimum stress.

Children's Nutrition.

Document Library

DocumentCalories Burn by ExcersiceAmount of Calories Burn by Excersice
DocumentPrevention of ChokingChildren Safe Eating
DocumentDaily food Intake formDaily food Intake Spanish Ver. only
DocumentDiet GuideFor Infants
DocumentDiet in Lead PoiseningFood that contains Ca Fe
DocumentDiet for Iron Def. AnemiaIron Rich Foods
DocumentObesidad Spanish onlyComplications, risk Fcts, Diet & Exercise facts
DocumentFood GuideFood Guide for children
DocumentCaloric Intake levelsCaloric Intake by age, gender & activity
DocumentFood Intake PatternsSuggested amount of food to consume by food group